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with the tea party. >> we get the latest from reporter steve handelsman in iowa. >> michelle bachmann won the vote. >> you have just sent the message to barack obama! >> iowa republicans gathered in ames and made her the straw favorite. libertarian ron paul ran a strong second. mit romney only came to iowa once since may. perry, in south carolina today, stole some thunder from iowa with this. >> i declare to you today, as a candidate for president of the united states. >> a new republican contender and a new republican winner. >> this was a wonderful downpame on taking the country back. >> we still have a long way to go. >> you will end up having mit romney as the front-runner in south carolina which could spell a long republican campaign season. >> pressure on the national g.o.p. front-runner who is not getting the sunday headlines. >> it is less than a month until romney, perry, and bachmann faceoff in the next debate. nbc news, iowa. >> here in maryland in one month voters will go to the polls to choose the nominee for mayor. a race the incumbent is hoping to win for the first time. de
they are on their cell phone to avoid a conversation? >> steve handelsman has that story. >> watching so many people talking on the fope, you have -- phone, you have to ask yourself, are they chatting or avoiding? a survey shows many people have pretended to talk on the phone to avoid talking to other people. >> i think it is isolating and dishonest. >> while pretending to talk on the phone may seem like cheating, for some people, they say it is a fair way to avoid an uncomfortable situation. >> i think it just happens that the cell phone is a very handy excuse to say, i'm so sorry, i'd love to talk to you, but not now. because rather than to say, look, i'm in a hurry, i've got a doctor's apt or some of the old excuses before the cell phone. >> clinical psychologist and personality expert richard lavack said there is nothing wrong with delaying certain interest actions until you are -- interactions until you are ready. >> it is ironic that cell phones are there to keep us connected and here we are using the cell phone to stay disconnected. >> have you ever done something like that? >> not a lot, but
are in harford county. [a9]david mw as the storm intensified in ocean city,our photograher steve adams shows us how bad the winds got. as the storm intensified in more than 395-thousand b-g-e customers are in the dark this morning. the majority of outages are in baltimore county, where more than 112.-thousand customers are without power. in anne arundel county, power to some 103-thousand customers needs to be restored. 69- thousand customers are out in the city... and 36-thousand are in harford county. [a9]david mw even though hurricane irene is moving out of our area, several state bridges will remain close. the maryland transportation authority closed the chesapeake bay bridge late yesterday evening. officials say the bridge will remain closed until conditions are deemed safe for vehicles. four additional bridges..including the nice memorial bridge and the key bridge are currently operating under a wind warning. from baltimore county emergency management: just after 3:30 this morning, rescue crews responded to a home in the 86-hundred block of keller avenue for a tree that crashed through the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3